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Eveline Napaja Keke “BORA”


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 As the bora beats me in the bosom
 I’m standing there in front of SunSet
 A sea wave on a cliff
 magnifying glass
 He wants to call me
 Louder – louder
 Don’t let it
 Let someone else’s spirit overwhelm you
 Be your own
 He loves life
 Be the electron that is
 It’s moving
 It works
 He thinks
 Not looking at other people’s looks
 Your view is only yours
 Your heart
 Your eyes
 Your smile
 Don’t let the storm take you
 The storm of time can hurt
 To know a lot through pain
 Don’t let someone else’s spirit rule with you.
  author: Eveline Napaja Keke                                                                                                             (25.032021 Kampala Uganda)
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