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* Akure Hopestar Tasra *A story without a happy ending”

 I will never write about us, but never
 in the past tense!
 You and I are breathing
 with the same short breaths now,
 tomorrow does not exist for us
 And it doesn’t bring change …
 Please don’t tell me anything but fairy tales
 before bed, you and I are created
 for an endless journey
 space open
 lungs, free …
 There is no future for me, I know
 that all I am is a moment of light,
 where it already stands carved for me, a
 you stay goodbye, good luck
 her And tenderly loved.
 In a city of shady streets and sunny squares
 love must come to life no matter how many times
 died, she is the only one further away from me
 that smell of anticipation of the night while
 bloodless along the coast I float …
 I would tell you — take me away!  Take me to the club
 to play until dawn like I used to
 danced, although I had a little “but”
 numbs all the senses and I know it is
 near where I fell asleep.
 I’m still waiting for you on the other side of the mountain
 whose top we have conquered, and I do not remember the hour
 crack formation …
 Only one more
 I hear your voice telling me fairy tales
 and as if whispering my name …
 I’m sending you birds with a breath of wind in their wings
 in their beaks they carry letters, in each
 I love you with a rare message
 I swear don’t blame me
 for the dreams of a woman who dared not dream
 but she did not resist in the passing song
 nightingale duration hope…
 I’m sorry and don’t look at the little house anymore
 at the end of the world, towards the window, the face where the little one
 the candle burns while the clock in the square
 reports that it stopped at midnight …
 I descend from the mountain by a spring, I become a spring,
 I know that water is imperceptible to everyone
 while the thirsty are missing, and I am
 I don’t want to quench my thirst
 no memories;  because
 let me flow on
 to the end-alone.
 But a little more,
 until the midnight ballad subsides
 tell me the last fairy tale
 which you remember, put me to sleep
 story about us…
 (22.o6 2o21) Kampala
* Akure Hopestar Tasra *
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* Akure Hopestar Tasra *

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